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Sean - , AZMay 15, 2024

Scott's deep commitment to Sedona is what this town needs. I've seen
first hand how he seeks out all sides of issues. And his striving for
fairness is on display at every public meeting. We need to continue
benefiting from the important service he provides us all.

James L. B. - , AZJune 12, 2023

Honorable Mayor Jablow,

As the Vice President of the Sky Mountain Ranch HOA, I'd like to extend our..SMR Property Owner's sincerest gratitude in a formal "thank you" to you for your unwavering successful effort to remove the old wooden utility power poles left in place after the Arizona Public Service (APS) electric utility transferred only existing powerlines to newly installed replacement metal poles. The act of leaving the

old poles with the two other utility's cabling attached significantly compromised the beauty of our neighborhood. What should have netted a one-for-one 11 pole replacement, was a job half done, bourgeoning the affected pole count to 22 strewn across our community. As you know, I commenced this removal effort back in early May 2022. After numerous dead-ends and missed promises, I was afforded the opportunity in mid-December 2022 to publicly share with you our collective neighborhood's angst and frustration at getting these poles removed.

Through your determined effort you ferreted out the responsible cable TV and telephone utility line owners still attached to the old poles and then facilitated Optimum and Centurylink, respectively, unfettered construction access to enable quick line transfer/old pole removal. Additionally, and on a personal note, I am grateful that you permitted me personal contact with each of these utility construction managers. Optimum's Trevaris Mason and Centurylink's Dan McFarland deserve a special shout-out for their solid individual support in providing me with frequent progress updates and for their field worker expertise and expeditious work effort to complete their respective tasks in short order.

All in all, Mayor Jablow, you and your office have accomplished what I initially saw as a nearly impossible task... one you made possible in exemplary fashion.

Again, on behalf of my SMR neighbors and myself, our sincere Thank You.

Steve A - , AZJune 10, 2023

City Council Members,

We want to confirm our support for your actions on restricting off-road vehicles within the city limits. The idea of requiring companies to trailer their units within the city is a great start and fully supported by the silent majority in our community. Also restrictions on short term rentals, that have ruined our community, is greatly supported. Please understand that negative articles by the Red Rock News do not represent the feelings of the majority of our residents. RR News is still upset about their candidate losing the mayoral election. As in politics today, some people are just poor losers.

Thank you!

Maria - , AZJune 09, 2023

I want to thank you for your leadership!

We support you and your leadership style of reaching out to constituents for input. We have been PT residents and homeowners in Sedona since 1999.

We are saddened by OHV, Airbnb, and changes that have taken place that disregard the community in favor of our town businesses.

We appreciate all you are doing for Sedona!

Jim W - , AZJune 09, 2023

Mr Mayor,

Just want you to know that I support restricting/ eliminating OHV from the streets of Sedona. I'm a resident of Sedona and have witnessed little 'mini caravans' of OHV's violate traffic laws numerous times. Please stay the course and keep them off our streets.

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